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Many Voices, One Vision-Alliance for Full Participation-Summit 2005

California Alliance for Full Participation

The CA AFP List Serv was establish by Dec. 19, 2005

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Steering Committee:  Co-Chairs:  Tony Anderson (The Arc of California), Roy Rocha (People First of California).  Members: Dick Jacobs (AAMR Region II), Carol Risley & Julia Mullen (Department of Developmental Services), Ellen Goldblatt & Marinda Reed (Protection & Advocacy),  Dwight Hansen (California Rehab Association), Peter Mendoza & Alan Kerzin (The State Council on Developmental Disabilities), Diane Anand & Bob Baldo &  Anh Nguyen (Association of Regional Center Agencies),  Olivia Raynor Tarjan Center UCE at UCLA, and senior legislative consultant Peggy Collins (representing Senator Wesley Chesbro).

Next Meeting: The steering committee will meet to plan a follow-up state team meeting.  Steering committee will meet in October and state team in November or December 2005.

California AFP Activity  -  Next Meeting To Be Announced
  1. "Voices" - The Newsletter from the Alliance for Full Participation
  2. Analysis of State Team Reports (posted Dec. 20, 2005)
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  18. California State Team Members
The next AFP Steering Committee meeting will be held on Friday October 28th from 10:30 AM to 12 noon by conference call (800) 503-2899 code: 5526619#. 
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss next steps with the state team and the national partners.  Specifically:
  1. What will the next state team meeting look like, will it be in person, video conference, conference call, combination, etc?
  2. What�s the �word on the street� about the conference results and follow-up reports?
  3. What support from the national partners would be helpful for our state team?
  4. What type of ongoing communication and direction would help us in achieving your goals?
  5. What would we like AFP to be doing to help connect with other state teams?
The AFP Founders will be meeting on November 1st.  They will discuss next steps for state teams, including how they can support us as we continue our Pre-Summit and DC Summit work.  I would like to be able to forward our thoughts on the above questions to assist them in their next meeting. 
If you have suggestions for agenda items please forward to me by Tuesday October 25, 2005 and I�ll send out a final agenda by the next day.
Thank you all for your continued work on Full Participation.
State Liaison & State Team Co-Chair
Tony Anderson
The Arc of California